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How long does a roof last? How long does a roof last?

A sturdy roof is to a home what a steadfast captain is to a ship; both are crucial in weathering life's many storms. Here at Forest City Roofing in London, Ontario, we've spent the last three decades helping homeowners navigate these storms, providing quality, dependable roofing services that tick all the boxes of durability, aesthetics, and…

How do you know if a roofer is good? How do you know if a roofer is good?

Every home tells a story, and a roof is its crown. Selecting the right roofer is a crucial decision, just as essential as the home itself. Among the abundance of choices, Forest City Roofing stands tall, having safeguarded homes in London and its surrounding areas for over 20 years.   How to Assess a Good Roofer:…