Selling Your Home? Choose the Best Front Door Colour to Boost Curb Appeal

The best front door colour to sell your home will be a neutral colour with a contemporary edge and one that integrates but goes beyond the colouring of the house. “I see a red door and I want it painted black.” So sang The Rolling Stones. They may have been onto something because black tops many designers’ lists today, decades later. (Although red still continues to chart well, too).

According to research conducted by online real estate service Zillow across the United States in 2022, painting the front door black increased the average selling price received by almost $6,500 (USD). 

If you live in or around London, Ontario and plan to sell your home, you too might fetch a higher selling price by simply painting your front door the right colour. Painting a wood, fibreglass, or steel door is a fairly easy-to-learn and cost-effective do-it-yourself project.


What if you’d just like to update the look for your enjoyment or enhance the security of your front door?

But maybe you’re NOT planning to sell. Consider a custom factory-painted door that Forest City Windows and Doors can order and install for you.



With an endless range of colours available, how can you pick the best front door colour? Here are some tips and insights to help you decide and make that all-important great first impression.

Opportunity knocks…

Channel Your EXTERIOR Designer to Choose the Best Front Door Colour


Not All Sunlight Is Created Equal

Not the Best Front Door Colours. Just the Most Popular.

Best Front Door Colours for 2023

  1. Black. Dramatic, traditional or contemporary.

  2. Navy blue. Classical, elegant.

  3. Red. Exciting, eye-catching.

  4. Sage green. Friendly, rustic, natural.

  5. Light blue. Fresh, cool, laid-back.

  6. White. Clean, contemporary.

  7. Yellow. Warm, inviting.

  8. Grey. Versatile, neutral, subdued.

Still, overwhelmed with all the choices? Visit Forest City Windows and Doors and get friendly, helpful advice from local experts. We’ll help you find the colour to suit your home and your goals.