How Long Does Window Replacement Take? 

For most of us, window replacement is a new experience, so wondering how many days we need to arrange for their installation is a good question. Let’s look at some timelines, from ordering your windows to the installation period.


1) The consideration of new windows and doors

Weighing the pros and cons of window and door replacement may take longer than you think, especially if you’re considering other renovations; should you replace all of the windows or just a few? 

You might find some of our articles helpful in making that determination:



2) How long does it take to order windows and doors?



3) Are there other considerations when changing your doors or windows?



4) The window installations go surprisingly quickly.

Our installation teams have experienced most scenarios, so they are ready for any concerns. As long as things go smoothly, four to seven windows should be replaced on the first day, with trim installation taking an additional one and a half to two hours per window.



5) How can you help the process?

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