Can I Change my Window Trim When I Change my Windows? 

If you want new interior trim when your windows are replaced, a professional window and door contractor will install it for you. It costs more, with the benefit of starting fresh. Let’s look at the details of the type of window installation that allows new interior trim at the same time. 


Our standard trim has been determined to suit most people’s homes.

If you need new windows in your home and wish to have new interior trim installed at the same time, Forest City Window and Door Ltd. of London, ON area provide a popular traditional style of trim as a replacement for your old existing trim to freshen the whole look. The wood trim is installed as a primed white product, and all nail holes are filled, so your trim is ready for your finished paint coat.

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To provide you with new trim, we remove all of your old trim and the full frame of the original window, which means a bit of demolition and repair. 


The procedure of removing your old trim exposes two things that must be addressed that Forest City Window and Door Ltd. handles:

We look after that “likely unattractive and paint-blobby” problemwall edge by providing new trim that is slightly wider than your old trim. This solves years of layers of blobby paint edges showing, and the possibility of tearing a bit of the drywall’s paper surface that sticks to the paint. Your new wall edges look fresh and clean against your brand-new trim.

When your interior trim is removed, it reveals the whole of the original window. This process requires we remove the original window back to the original window frame’s internal edges. This method is called a full-frame-out window installation.



How is a full-frame-out installation different from the typical installation?  

A full-frame-out installation is the most thorough method. The installation team removes everything and replaces the original with new: brick mould, vinyl jambs, spray foam insulation, caulking, and aluminum flashing. The larger opening gives you a maximum glass or window size with a full-frame-out installation.

The other kind of installation (somewhat more popular) is a retro-fit / insert window installation. As long as your trim is still in good shape and your exterior trim has no moisture issues, the retro-fit window installation is done by inserting the new window into the frame of the original window. The result is a lesser amount of glass and window size, but it is the fastest and most cost-effective installation method.



There is a lot to understand about these two methods of installation, and you may be the type of person who likes all the information beforehand in order to make an informed decision:


Can you choose your own style of trim?

If you want a different style of trim installed, we are happy to install it. We can arrange delivery of your preferred trim far enough in advance for you to have it primed/painted prior to our installation. 

As long as your trim is delivered to your home a couple of weeks before your installation date and one of our representatives can ascertain it is ready in time, our installers will take care of installing it for you. 

Give yourself lots of time to look at potential trim. Always contact a retail trim store at least three or four weeks prior to your desired delivery; stock may have to be ordered, requiring wait times. 

If your trim choice is sold in an unprimed state, you will need to have it primed and painted before or after its installation.



Changing your windows and doors is a significant undertaking that is an exciting and worthwhile upgrade. 

Timing and communication have been crucial components of our professional installations since 1993. Please don’t hesitate to contact Forest City Window and Door Ltd. for your window and door replacements.