Are There Different Kinds of Window Installations in Canada – Is One Better Than The Other?

There are tow kinds of window installations; full frame out and retro-fit. Depending on your house’s age and budget, you’ll either lean toward a retro-fit / insert installation (older home) or a full-frame-out installation (newer home.) One is slightly more thorough than the other. However, full-frame-out comes with a cost of time and money.

Both installation methods are widely used and each type of installation has unique benefits. The following lists of pros and cons should help you understand the differences between the two techniques.


Replacing your windows and doors is similar to a roof replacement or an added house addition regarding costs and concerns. Choosing quality windows and doors and a professional installation helps you save money on your cooling and heating bills. 

There are many other benefits of new windows and doors; read All The Benefits of New Windows and Doors or 10 Reasons You Should Replace All Your Windows at Once.


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A retro-fit / insert installation is the most common window replacement technique.

A retro-fit is the easiest, least time-consuming, and most cost-effective window replacement choice as long as the original windows’ wood frames consisting of the head jamb, side jambs, and sill that create the opening into which a new retro-fit window can be installed are in good condition and not moisture damaged.

The installers hide the space created between the original window frame and the new window with capping. By bending durable aluminum lengths that match the colour of your window, then professionally caulking along the outside edge, your new window is protected on the outside. Excellent capping abilities make experienced cappers in high demand.

Pros and Cons of retro-fit / insert installations:




A full-frame-out kind of window installation is equivalent to starting fresh.

A full-frame-out installation method is the most thorough. All parts of the original window are removed to the brick or studs; the complete frame is torn out, and the rough opening is cleaned up. If you are concerned about water damage or rot and mould growth, this replacement method is the right choice.

Pros and Cons of full-frame-out installations:




It’s not so much about the kinds of window installations as it is about the quality of the product, its installation, and the crews’ experience. The functionality of your windows and doors must last for many years. 


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