Is Low E-Glass the Same as Low-E Coating? Is it Energy-Efficient? 

It’s no secret that our earth continues to heat up at a rapid rate. With these environmental challenges comes new hurdles and they must be taken into consideration when making upgrades to your home. Not only do windows offer a luxurious aesthetic appeal, but they also serve as a barrier to strong UV rays. These ultraviolet rays may seem harmless but what you may not realize is how much they heat up your home, and ultimately damage your belongings. 


Buying e-glass windows or windows with embedded coating is one way to mitigate excess heat and damage but if you aren’t ready to outfit your home with new windows you can opt for a less costly alternative and purchase low e-coating or Low-E film and apply it to your existing windows. 


What is Low E-Glass? 

Low e-glass is glass that is fitted with microscopic layers of reflective coating that radiates energy in an attempt to cool your home and limit heat penetration. Homes that are fitted with low e-glass windows are able to maintain idyllic temperatures year-round, trapping heat inside in the cold winter months and keeping strong UV rays out on long, hot summer days. 


If you’re shopping for new windows, e-glass is the way to go. It may seem like a more costly investment upfront, but it will ultimately pay off in the long run. Not only is this an effective, energy-efficient option, but it also means you won’t have to fit your new windows with e-coating after they’ve already been installed. 


What is Low E-Coating? 

Unlike e-glass, low e-film or e-coating is an additive you can add to your existing windows. Low e-film or e-coating is a plastic film that is usually available in rolls. This material can then be used by sticking it on the inside of your windows to block or slow the transmission of UV rays. This material usually contains metal or metal oxide which works to counteract strong UV rays that are attempting to penetrate your home. 


If you’re looking to reduce energy costs without replacing your existing windows in their entirety, e-coating is a great alternative. This material is known for reflecting 70-80% of solar heat in the summer in addition to conserving over 50% of interior heat in the winter. 


Are Both Options Energy-Efficient? 

Both low e-glass and low e-coating boast the same benefits. Both are suitable options and whichever you choose depends on whether or not you’re looking to replace your windows or simply add to them. While their costs may seem daunting at first, they ultimately pay for themselves as both the low e-glass and low e-coating aid in reducing your energy costs. When you factor in what you’re saving on your heating and cooling bills year-round, the upfront costs of either low e-glass or low e-coating are more than worth it! 


Invest in Quality 

Choosing the right windows, or exterior products to suit your needs is only half the battle. After you’ve narrowed down your search, it’s best to have your home improvements installed by factory-trained experts. At Forest City Windows, our customer service is second to none and we would be happy to discuss your renovation needs. We have proudly served our community with exceptional service for over 25 years and would be happy to provide a free estimate.