Do We Need to Replace All The Windows, or Can We Replace a Few at a Time? 

Unless you’ve purchased a new home or one with recent window renovations, that question will one day enter your thoughts. Let’s look at the top three reasons to replace all your windows at once and the top three reasons to replace a few windows for now. Either way, you’re enhancing your life. 

When choosing replacement windows in London, Ontario, you can replace all your windows at once. If you are renovating one room at a time, you may feel more comfortable installing new windows and doors in stages.


The top three reasons to replace all your windows at once: 


The top three reasons to replace a few windows at a time: 




1) The top three reasons to replace all your windows at once:

a) Financial savings:

One cannot deny the negotiating power behind numerous $100 bills. (Our Canadian $100 banknote is graced with the portrait of Sir Robert Borden, our prime minister, from 1911 – to 1920. He led Canada during World War 1.) 

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b) Greatest energy savings: 

Three of the best ways to save money on your energy bills are replacing all your windows and doors, sealing off your attic air from the air in the rest of the house, and insulating your home. 

Keep in mind, Carbon Monoxide (CO), which is colourless and odourless, builds up without fresh air circulation. Ensure there’s adequate ventilation throughout the home; opening windows to create a cross breeze is an easy solution.

c) Consistent window design and colour duplication:

Pigments and UV inhibitors have significantly improved over time, so it’s unlikely you’ll notice any signs of fading over 5 or 6 years. However, it may be worth replacing all of your south or west-facing windows simultaneously to minimize the possibility., Fading happens on the faces that are affected the most by the sun’s heat and UV effects. 

Dark colours will build up more heat than white or light colours, speeding up this process.

By purchasing all of your windows at the same time, you’ll never need to worry about those colour fading possibilities, window-extrusion adjustments, or manufacturer design changes.

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2) The top three reasons to replace a few windows at a time: 

a) Less stress:

Sometimes your vision of a space may differ from your partners’, or you may not have the capital needed to replace all the desired windows at once. Choosing the less stressful solution of changing just a few windows is perfectly acceptable. 

b) More time to consider future room design possibilities: 

It is advantageous to live in a space for a time to fully appreciate your windows’ and doors’ functionality within it. Your renovation may encompass a redesign of some of your home’s spaces, but a feeling of disappointment in hindsight can often result from rushing a design.

c) An unanticipated window issue: 

The demise of a window or door will reveal itself in ways we often choose to ignore until it stops functioning at all. Replacing the worst windows may be the best solution for the time being, but we suggest selecting your windows with the future in mind; does that window manufacturer offer window styles that will suit the rest of your openings? 

If one window has failed, more will likely follow.

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