All the Big Benefits of New Windows and Doors 

If you’ve been living with worn-out windows and doors, you may have no idea how much new windows and doors can change your life, not just your home. Energy-saving government programs, advances in the science of vinyl, and beautiful products mean it’s a renovation that pays back in many ways.


Our houses are tied to a sense of self, good or bad; they are an extension of our self-esteem, places of play, connection to nature, and most assured financial and family investment. 

Our homes have become much more than shelter from Canadian winters, rain, and heat.

As confirmed through Toronto’s Narcity news feed, our houses are where we spend 90% of our time, translating to an extraordinary number of indoor hours. So it makes sense that a financial decision toward improving your home is a good one, even better when the investment leads to numerous benefits like those created from installing new windows and doors.


All the reasons to invest in new windows and doors: 





1. Curb appeal:

High-quality new windows and doors are always a benefit to a home buyer. Your house is the smartest investment you’ll make, and curb appeal will increase its value and that of the neighbourhood. See Forest City Window & Door Ltd’s beautiful installations here.

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2. Sound dampening capability: 

Our city of London, Ontario, is growing. The busyness of its traffic, a neighbour’s tear-down renovation, new condo development, and other city noise is making our ‘work-from-home’ or retirement worlds noisier than what they should be.

The denser the layers between you and the outside noise, the quieter your interior space will be. With argon gas-filled double glass panes, insulated vinyl frames, spacers, gaskets, and better installation techniques, new windows and doors are highly successful at lessening unwanted outside sounds.


3. Ease of window function:

You’re not alone if you have windows or doors you’ve never opened. Even in the wintertime, you might occasionally open windows to allow the indoor air to refresh and dissipate carbon monoxide (CO) from your heating system. Cross breezes perform this job beautifully. 

It is a dream to crank open a window with ease, and it’s a matter of safety that windows function as they should.

See our beautiful and competitively-priced window products here.


4. Consistent interior temperatures:

Not having to consider colder rooms or drafts automatically increases your enjoyment at home. the need for sweaters or slippers in the wintertime is another insulative benefit of new windows and doors.


5. Better views of the natural world are benefits of new windows and doors:

If you are lucky enough to have a view of a tree out a window, its enjoyment is wholly lessened if you must squint through glass condensation. Looking past an unattractive window frame, unkempt hardware, and peeling paint will reduce any positive influence a natural view provides.

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6. Enhance connectivity to your outdoor spaces:

You can enlarge your openings, add a door where it makes sense for the flow of your home to your backyard, or make your windows across the front of your house consistently sized. Change your front door opening or make an existing double door into one with gorgeous sidelights. 

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7. Reduction in energy costs:

Homeownership is about saving money and increasing its energy efficiency is an excellent way to do so. Installing new doors and windows is one of the two main renovations that reduce heating and cooling costs, home insulation being the other. Forest City Window & Door Ltd uses only ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors. 


8. Prevention of UV damage to your home’s interior:

Ultraviolet (UV) ray-lessening, Low-E glass is a special coating that helps reflect some of the sun’s intense rays away from the glass. If you have large south or west-facing windows, you may wish to take advantage of this coating. A UV coating will save on heating and cooling costs. You’ll also minimize damage to furniture fabrics, window coverings, hardwood floors, or carpeting.


9. Increase of crucial natural light:

You need not go far to know that natural light and being outside is imperative to your health. Sitting next to a window,  basking in the warm sun, easily opening it and feeling nature’s breeze enriches our lives. New windows and doors can be part of a healthier life.


10. Improved security components are benefits of new windows and doors:

Newer windows and doors come with higher security locks and more robust hardware.


11. Higher appeal to a quality tenant:

New windows and doors should be on the positive highlights you provide in your rental space.

Insulated openings mean lower heating and cooling costs. Coupled with quiet and beautiful interior spaces, this renovation can vastly increase your rental’s desirability to potential tenants. 


Windows and doors are an essential renovation and we at Forest City Window & Door have been helping people since 1993 with quality products and exemplary customer service. Do you need help making your renovation project a reality? Click here for financing options.


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