When’s The Best Time to Replace Windows? What Your Choice Says About You.

Now that you’ve made the big decision to look into window replacement, you may wonder whether there is a better or worse time of year to install them. A good time to replace windows is in the winter (really!). However, what are the timelines for ordering windows and doors in London Ontario?

No matter the season, London’s Forest City Window & Door Ltd. always takes the time to ensure your new windows and doors are installed with the highest degree of planning and care. See our portfolio HERE.

Although replacing your windows can be safely done at any time of year, there is an advantage to putting in new windows and doors in the winter. It seems the wrong time of year to open gaping holes in your home, but it’s actually a great time to install windows and doors. Read ahead to learn more, including which is the cheapest time to replace windows.


Customizations such as door colour, transom shapes, oversized door systems or specialty windows take longer for manufacturers to produce.

Take advantage of every door and window manufacturer’s extensive colour palettes designed to harmonize with other house products to save time. Custom colours and your approval of them add time.


Every window & door installation season has its Pros and Cons.

For purposes of time comparison, a hypothetical order of standard-sized and coloured windows and doors is used in the timeframes below.


Are you interested in an early or late spring window installation? Then order by MID JANUARY. You belong to a large group of proactive, goal-oriented people. Planning and success are your things. It is just the best feeling in the world to have a BIG renovation completed early in the year.


PROS – Your installers are happy working in these temperatures and removing your old windows feels like a great spring refresh.

CONS – Competition for spring renovations is high. The earlier you can organize your spring install, the better. Consider custom colours early and allow time for templates for oddly shaped door transoms (the sometimes unusual-shaped glass over your door)



Are you interested in a summer window installation? Then order by MID FEBRUARY. You’re a busy person who is just happy you found time to place an order. February is usually people’s downtime, and for many of us, it’s when we can discuss the year’s upcoming renovations.

PROS – You may decide to take your vacation around the time of your renovations and be more inspired during your time off by the positive difference that new windows and doors make to your home and your spirit.

CONS – The summer is always too warm for manual labour. Forest City Window & Door Ltd.’s in-house installers are, first, professionals who are experienced and always courteous.

However, it is nice to turn on the AC for your installers and help their jobs be as unencumbered as possible. Trimming or tying back any plants and tree branches close to window openings, and clearing items from the work vicinity are subtleties that can make a difference on a hot summer day.



Are you interested in an early or late fall window installation? Then order by MID JULY. You use a fall renovation as your motivation to have your place whipped into shape for winter festivities, maybe even a Halloween party.


PROS – Installers, like all of us, work more happily in cooler temperatures. Caulking consistency is perfect in cool weather (warmer and softer caulking requires more careful application)

CONS – Window moving often requires two people, one of whom is walking backwards. Fallen leaves can disguise small shrubs so place a colourful sheet or a piece of bright duct tape across your young shrubs to alert installers.




Are you interested in a dead of winter window installation? Then order by EARLY DECEMBER.  You’re a practical person who knows that if you take on renovations when others do not, it must be the better thing to do, right? Right. This is also the best season to request a discount.

PROS – Installers are not as busy during the cold weather which may translate to a slightly slower pace for your project. Caulking has come a long way and is now easily applied in -15 Celsius temperatures.

CONS – Although your windows and doors can be installed one at a time during the winter weather, you will feel the coolness in your home. Closing off the other areas of your home will keep the heat in those rooms.



When is the best season to save money on windows?

If you can pull together a deposit for a window and door order in December, you will be placing your order at a time when many other people may not be comfortable with spending more money.

This may work in your favour for timelines and pricing.

Window and door contractors usually require a 30% deposit.  However, Forest City Window & Door Ltd. offers ‘no deposit’ order agreements, and competitive financing rates for your project. Read more about our third-party financing options HERE.

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