Does it Cost Less to Replace all the Windows at the Same Time?

‘It’s better to take out a Canadian bank loan at 3-6% and replace all windows at the same time, then pay 6-9 % more next year for the second half of your windows.’

The more windows you replace, the more likely you will receive a discount. Add a door or two, and you will surely get an overall price reduction. There are real advantages to buying power (purchasing many items or services at once). Rising manufacturing costs and the general inflation rate add to a makes more sense side of your argument of whether to replace them all now or a few at a time.


Wholesale parts and general business costs rise yearly from 6 to 9%. On average retail product prices will match that.



Here are some great benefits to replacing all windows at the same time.



It costs less to replace all windows at the same time, especially labour charges. Installation is more efficient when all your windows are done at once.

Thankfully, being kind is often a good thing when getting what you’d like. Ordering more of anything gives you the buying power mentioned at the beginning and, best of all, a discount.

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