Is Replacing Windows Worth it?

 Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment?

There are layered answers to whether replacement windows are a good investment, and they all lead to positive reasons supporting a decision to upgrade old windows. Window manufacturing costs increase yearly, so with current 2021 loan interest rates of approximately 4%, a loan for new windows is less expensive than the average 6 -9% per year inflation of window-costs.

Spending money comes with homeownership; like everything, upkeep must be part of a worthy investment.

According to a May 12th, 2021 article written by Clayton DeKorne, Canadian Cost versus Value Report by ZONDA:

‘11 of the 22 projects examined for the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) are exterior improvements.

At the top is replacing the garage door (who could have guessed?) A new stone veneer came in 2nd. Siding replacement (fibre cement) came in 4th with a 69% ROI.




If you recently purchased a home with weary windows, take comfort in knowing you paid less for your home than if the windows had just been replaced.

Windows and doors, the roof and even your interior renovations have a life cycle, and a home’s purchase and selling price reflect how many years have passed since its owner completed these large expenditures. Another benefit of purchasing a house that needs new windows is that the choices are now yours. You will not have to survive someone else’s sometimes disastrous selections.

Undeniably, windows, roofs and humans all live longer thanks to scientific advancements. Any new vinyl window will extensively outperform the fading and less chemically strong vinyl of the 80s and 90s. So much so that vinyl is confidently the window extrusion of choice.



The upside to an expensive renovation is its investment value to your home.

New windows have become objects of beauty, and with years of science-tested manufacturing, they also provide outstanding outside noise dampening, functionality ease and energy efficiency.

Adding energy-efficient windows to your home is a future money-saving endeavour that will serve you and possible subsequent owners for years to come. It is also an immediate boon to the environment through cooling and heating savings that translate to less environmental warming.



There are real benefits to deciding to replace all the windows at once, not the least of which is the instant enjoyment taken from a house full of beautiful new windows.

Now is a great time to take advantage of 2021 government grants and rebates. Read the full article here.

Another benefit to a complete replacement is the one-time-only, scheduled disruption. Read the other eight surprising advantages here: 10 Reasons to Consider Replacing All Your Windows at Once

Let’s say you’ve had an excessively renovation-heavy year. Replacing even a few inefficient windows is a hydro-bill-saving investment.

Like everything, research is a must for you to match your windows to your needs and budget.


What are some likely considerations when choosing your windows?

Talk to a few window companies whose price ranges work for you, then view their window style options.



It may be a great idea to switch to a different style of window from the type currently installed:

Make sure you get the best kind of window for its location. You might want a window that will provide more square footage to open. Now is the time to ensure a cross breeze in your home. Nothing is more fabulous than the air before a rainstorm naturally cooling off your home.


If you can only replace a few windows, you may want to change out the windows facing a noisy street:

It is amazing to discover how noise-damping new windows are.



If your home was built with terribly small windows, you might be able to rectify that cost-efficiently:

The secret about window installers is that they are carpenters first.

This means they are adept at making your window opening larger, especially if your home exterior walls are vinyl cladding on wood-based. This is the least expensive kind of exterior wall renovation. Brick houses require much more work to achieve this.

The sky is the limit with a sided home. Turn a window opening in a bedroom into double doors that lead onto a deck for the best gift you’ll ever give yourself.



The greater available options for new windows allow a closer match to the style of your home:

It is imperative that you keep your budget in mind because you can spend the equivalent of the value of your home on new windows and doors. But this is the fun part; deciding on style and functionality.

Do you need help choosing a new front door? Please read our article ‘How to Choose an Entry Door’.



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