How to Choose an Entry Door

A front door can tell other people much about those living in the house beyond it. How you choose an entry door can tell you a lot about yourself. So, pull up a beverage and find out who you really are.

How do you choose an entry door? The most important decisions you’ll make about an entry door are the colour and style.

A funny thing happened around 2010. There was a shift to a more contemporary style. Everything changed in its look, and those who could, rushed to jump on the modern white design chariot.

However, for most people, their home renovations happen piecemeal. Partial renovations create conflicting styles on the outside and inside of your home, making choosing a style for your entry door conflicting.

Be brave. If you are changing your door before you can finish your other exterior house renovations, you have two choices:


Any rule, including those of colour and design, can be broken given the right circumstances. The following guidelines will hopefully help you start choosing a new entry door.

The best principle to keep in mind is one of creating visual blocks. Put each of these three together on the front of your house:


These are your house’s components or blocks:


The rules for blending design styles:

Avoid creating a look that causes your eye to jump from one busy thing to another. A balance between detailed interest and calm is needed between the house’s individual components. Only one of the house’s abovementioned components (in blue) can be visually busy. Usually, it’s the face of the house.

Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:



Scenario 3:



 The rules for blending and choosing colours:

The rules of colour follow the same rules of blending design styles.

Scenario 1:



Scenario 2:




Scenario 3:


All photo examples are provided through Gentek, KV and North Star Doors. All our door suppliers have specific company colours and can match your custom colours.


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What are the benefits of a Multi-Point Lock System on a door?

Choose a contemporary-styled or more traditional one; all of Forest City’s doors have an optional multi-point lock system. The multi-lock mechanism provides extra security and prevents deflection or warping caused by excessive sun exposure on a south or west-facing wall. Argon gas between the panes of glass provides the best thermal insulation possible in double Low ‘E’ glass with layers of transparent slivers deflect the summer heat.


A Sampling of Standard Paint Colours and Stains: