2021 Window Rebates Available

.Several 2021 window rebates for replacing windows and doors are available. And this is excellent news for those who could not take advantage of last fall’s 2020 government grants for energy-efficient home improvements.

The government has just launched, as of May 27th, grants of up to $5000 for energy-saving upgrades. Reimbursement of up to $600 for the necessary EnerGuide Evaluation is reimbursed (a new evaluation must be performed for this grant). Natural Resources rolled out the Canada Greener Homes Grants to support Canadians who want to make their homes more energy-efficient and fight climate change. Read more about this grant initiative here on the Government of Canada website.


This 2021 rebate is available for new windows and doors. Call 1-833-674-8282 or click the Canada Greener Homes Grant link to get started. We are happy to help you; contact Forest City Window& Door Ltd. at (519) 659 6906.


Our Canadian government 2021 Budget: ‘A Healthy Environment for a Healthy Economy’ encourages further economic growth and job creation through a strengthened climate plan including interest-free loans to upgrade your windows and doors, furnace, heating units, and insulation to efficient versions.

As you consider new energy-efficient windows, the Canadian government and Enbridge Gas Inc (a company merger with the former Union Gas) rewards and encourages your decision to help our environment through rebates and no-interest loans.


Also, for people who applied to the 2020 fall energy audit and grant program before the last fall cut-off date, a government 2021 summer-program offering interest-free loans up to $40,000 through the Canada Mortgage and Housing (CMHC), allows switching out your older windows for energy-efficient versions for

Read more about this available interest-free loan.


There is a 2021 rebate for replacing windows available for up to $5,000 through Enbridge Gas Inc for their income-qualified customers wanting to make energy-efficient replacements of windows, doors, insulation, air sealing, water heater, boiler or furnaces.

Depending on the desired upgrade, at least two or three recommendations must be completed.

Read more here about this available rebate.

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Older windows make it difficult to keep your winter heat in and summer heat out. According to the Canadian Ministry of Energy, over 25% of energy is lost through the continued use of older windows.

The ENERGY STAR North American program rewards manufacturers who create products with less energy that reliably help the environment through further energy efficiency. As a result, this saves consumers money.

Any manufacturer can choose to put their product through the ENERGY STAR testing and certification process. ENERGY STAR-certified products meet more strict energy performance specifications. Read here to learn more.


Forest City Window & Door Ltd. carries only ENERGY STAR-certified manufacturers of windows and doors. 


The ENERGY STAR program was created almost 30 years ago in the US as a voluntary labelling program to help identify energy-efficient products.

According to Wikipedia, the ENERGY STAR program was first applied to computer and printer products.

An employment report recently projected employment in energy efficiency is growing at a higher rate than in any other division of the energy market.

New efficiency standards update every few years. With that, the 2020 standards are more stringent and come nearly a decade after the last updates. A big change leaves behind the need for certain products for specific geographical temperature zones.


Energy Star symbol

Windows that are ENERGY STAR certified are approximately 20% more energy efficient.

Doors that are ENERGY STAR certified are approximately 15% more energy efficient.

Windows and sliding glass doors that meet the new ENERGY STAR ‘most efficient’ standards are approximately 55% more energy efficient.



The ENERGY STAR symbol makes high-efficiency products easily recognizable in the Canadian market. It is an original trademark of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Natural Resources Canada, a government branch, ensures the sustainability and energy efficiency of our land’s resources, products, and renewable resources. Canada’s forests, science and data, transportation, and Indigenous natural resources are funded by grants and incentives.


Even without rebates, the argument to change your windows and doors makes good sense for your future pocketbook. The resale value of your home and the gains for our environmental concerns are positive. If you are able to take advantage of some rebates available now, that is even better!

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