Is it Better to Repair or Replace Windows?


Sunny Blue Room with new windows and a sliding door

The cost of window replacement is right up there along with kitchen renovations and roofing work; even knowing these inevitabilities when entering into the game of homeownership, it can take a bit of expert window therapy to help you make this decision.

Sometimes the choice between repairing a window or replacing it is easily made. If your windows are of a lesser quality, with single panes, or an older modern style with insulated glass units (IGUs) whose broken seals are allowing fogging, the decision should be to replace the windows.

Here is a quick list of ‘pro’ and ‘cons’ of replacing or repairing various window components.


Is it better to repair or replace windows because of rotted frames or sashes?

Rot results from water plumping the wood where the paint has cracked or worn away over time. Mould sets in, and the organic wood frames and sashes deteriorate.

REPLACE the whole window because of rotted frames or sashes when:

You are more likely to replace a newer wood-framed window than one that was manufactured from stable, old-growth wood. It will take much longer for a painted finish to crack or wear when applied to a stable and tighter-grained old-growth wood.

REPAIR rotted frames or sashes when:


Is it better to repair or replace windows because of broken glass?

The romantic idea of a baseball through a single pane of glass is no more. All modern windows have insulated glass units (IGUs) requiring the replacement of the complete sash.

REPLACE the whole window because of broken glass when:

REPAIR broken glass when:


Is it better to repair or replace windows because of broken seals?

Broken window seals result in condensation, visible fogging and allow cold air into your home. Windows facing south and west are subjected to the most heat and will result in failed seals before the seals of windows on the north and east sides of your home. Never use a high-pressure washer to clean the outside of your windows. The water is sure to enter around the edges.

If you have a double or triple-paned window, the glass panes are held in place by sealing material. Made from a kind of polymer, a ‘seal’ resembles a gummy material. Temperature changes cause window seals to expand and contract, degrading them over time. 

REPLACE the whole window because of broken seals when:

REPAIR broken seals when:


Is it better to repair or replace windows because of stuck window sashes?

Has it been many years since you have opened certain windows in your home? If the window is vintage, the inability to open it prevents the cleaning of the interior panes making it hard to see the world outdoors.

A cross breeze of fresh air throughout the house is not only pleasant, it is also vital during the winter months when carbon monoxide can build up from furnace usage.

REPLACE the whole window because of stuck window sashes when:

REPAIR stuck window sashes when:

Spring is the time of year to look into window repairs or replacements. Visit Forest City for an easy and free estimate to replace one or all of your windows.



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