10 Reasons You Should Consider Replacing all Your Windows at Once.


Homeownership is a privilege. If you count yourself in that category, congratulations, you have already increased your family’s financial and individual status. As with everything in life, momentum upholds that advantageous position. Can you say renovations?

Windows can be a costly renovation to undergo, but with their replacement, immediate benefits are unmistakable.


As grand a sum as it is to replace all your home’s windows all at once, it makes great sense to do it.


1) Financial savings.


2) Lessened installation time.


3) Consistency of window style and manufacturer.


4) Interior trim consistency.


5) Design control.


6) Feeling a major sense of accomplishment.


7) Scheduled disruption.


8) Sound attenuation.


9) Higher curb appeal.


10) Increase the calibre of tenant for your rental.


Windows are an essential investment. Adding the cost of your new windows to your initial mortgage, using a personal line of credit, or refinancing a new mortgage are common ways to finance any of your renovations.

Don’t forget to look at optional grants or rebates that are offered governmentally, from time to time.

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