DIY’s: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Replace Your Own Windows.

If you are reading this blog post, you are considering replacing your home’s windows. Adding energy-efficient windows to your London, Ontario home is a savvy idea. Your family will benefit from new window energy savings, an updated look to your home, you’ll reduce outside noise, and have effortless functionality with new windows and doors. If done well, they will translate to a higher resale value for your home when that time comes.

Replacing your own windows is like taking on the job of roofing your own house or changing the plumbing in your home by yourself. There is a lot to learn before these installations, and you may not realize you have done an inadequate job until it has resulted in problems.


1)Practice makes for perfect window installations.

Installation teams have hundreds, if not thousands, of successful window installations under their belts. Securing your own new windows has a few tricky aspects, also known as subtle nuances, to which you should pay attention.

Measuring for the correct size of your window opening is the stuff of legends. Even the professionals need to allow for the winter and summer expansion and contraction of the opening; if too tightly measured, your window may not open and close properly.

The placement of the window within its’ opening is crucial for the proper incorporation of foam insulation. The use of shims seats the window perfectly, top to bottom, side to side, front to back as well as in and out. All need to be correct. Your new windows as efficient upgrades to your home may instead devalue its adequacy if small air gaps are present; your heating and AC bills offsetting the drafts that are avoidable through proper training and practice.


2)Quality windows are made available to window installation companies.

Saving money by purchasing your windows from a reputable source may be limiting the quality of your available windows. If you have made the leap of deciding to change out your home’s windows, a lesser quality window will become a ‘hard cost’, a potential error that will affect the sale price of your home.

The relationships of commerce are real. Manufacturers of forward-thinking, exceptional types of windows and doors want to make sure their product is installed correctly; their commodity’s reputation is as good as its final installation and so connections are made with the most responsible window and door installation companies.


3)There are several types of tools required to install windows, interior and exterior trim.

Windows are heavy. Watching a team of experienced installers who know exactly how they must adjust the balance of a large window is a nail-biting matter, and yet, they somehow do it. Even smaller windows are deceptively hard to handle for a single person.

A reciprocating saw, circular saw, mitre saw, ladder, and power drill are just a few of the tools you will need on hand to install windows. A method of transporting your old windows to a certified window recycling depot is also a likely cost to consider.

Importantly, you your self-installed windows meet standards and specifications according to North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS) and must pass a builder’s inspection when it is time to sell your home.


4)Time is valuable; by now we all know DIY installations actually will take longer than we anticipated.

With good judgment and an authentic weighing of the pros and cons of DIY window installations versus paying for the service, value and guarantees that come with a commercial window installation, you can usually justify letting yourself off the DIY hook.

Think about your first-time anythings: Ikea builds, pie crust making, DIY haircuts, or learning to play guitar. The higher the consequences, the better it is to leave to the pros. Your family might forgive your first guitar try at “House of the Rising Sun,” but don’t risk your new family room window.



A large window in a contemporary bathroom

5)We are not all designers. To forget this, may impact the aesthetic of your home.

Replacing your existing windows can be exciting and can positively change you and your family’s lives.

When you choose to install your own windows, stress may, however, be the most likely emotion felt for all except knowledgeable and tool-equipped handymen.

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