Why You Should Consider Replacing Windows and Doors in the Winter

As winter sets in with colder temperatures, you may be noticing failures or inefficiencies with your current windows and doors. It can become very costly and uncomfortable to deal with constant heat loss through windows and doors. 

Suppose you have problems like moisture leaking into your home, cracked glass panes or air leaks. You should consider replacing them, especially if it’s Winter. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should consider replacing windows and doors during Winter.

Common Myth – It’s too Cold

A common misconception for replacing windows and doors is that it should be avoided at all costs during the winter months. You may think it’s too cold and your home will lose a lot of heat. Inevitably, you think it will drastically increase your utility bill for the month.

The opening being worked on is only open and exposed for a few minutes with each replacement. Companies also have many tactics they use to minimize your home’s heat loss. 

For example, they are replacing only one window or door at a time. Rooms are also closed off whenever possible to help with minimizing exposure to the outdoors. These are only some of the things installers can do to help replacements go smoothly.

On a similar note, there can also be benefits for homeowners that decide to replace windows and doors during Winter.


Reasons to Replace Windows/Doors During Winter

Winter is the Best time to Discover Problems.

If your home has had the same windows and doors for several years, you likely have some problems. Responsibly checking them every year allows you to remain aware. Over time, you may have noticed them getting worse.

Winter is the best time to identify problems with windows and doors. As materials contract in the cold weather, they tend to manifest. Leaks, drafts, and moisture build-up are some of the signs to watch for. Checking them in the Winter gives you a far better understanding of which openings cause the most heat loss.

A consultation is recommended for your windows and doors. A professional can determine if they need to be entirely replaced or if they could just be repaired. Make sure you do your research on reputable companies.

More Flexibility with Installation Dates

Spring and summer can be challenging seasons for scheduling window and door replacements with a company. You may end up having to book several months in advance. The best companies are almost always the busiest.

When you have a particular company in mind, it’s wise to schedule them over the Winter. Both you and the company will be more flexible with installation dates.

Potential Off-Season Deals

There may be seasonal promotions that offer lower pricing from a variety of companies. There is typically a financing offer and dollar savings offer to choose between. 

Companies offer these to help balance out lower demand. You can benefit financially from having replacements done over the Winter months. 



Discovery of problems, more flexibility and potential off-season deals are just a few of the reasons to have your windows and/or doors replaced in the Winter.

Scheduling a free consultation is the first step in determining which openings need to be replaced the most.