The Importance of a Detailed In-Home Estimate for Replacing Windows

A common question that’s asked by homeowners when replacing windows is what the approximate cost would be. This question is challenging to answer over the phone for even the most basic window product. That’s because every homeowner’s needs are different. The approximate cost depends on several variables: the number of windows, measurements, the type of replacement windows, product options like glass type, details of what’s involved in the installation, etc. 

We aren’t able to answer the question of approximate cost here. However, we can explain why it’s essential for a company to visit your home to provide a price estimate. Accuracy is critical for setting clear expectations, so only detailed quotes are provided.

How Many Windows are you Looking to Replace?

This is one of the most critical factors when we’re determining pricing. The more windows you replace together, the more spread out our cost is for installation. That means your cost per window becomes lower if you return more than one. For example, our installers’ gas and travel time is a one-time expense that can be spread out over multiple windows. 

Measurements of Window Openings

The measurements of window openings are vital for providing an accurate price estimate. Measurements are taken for the length, width and depth of your current windows. 

Large windows generally cost more to install than smaller windows. This is because size affects both material costs and installation needs. You can expect a large bay style window to require two installers and more time than a small bathroom window. Depending on your home, you may also need some custom-sized windows, which can impact pricing.

Product Options

Most companies have a wide variety of options for windows. This is something you should look for when replacing windows in your home. Some available options to consider are colours, glass styles and window styles. Each of these has varying costs and energy ratings associated with them.

It is possible to review product options over the phone. However, that doesn’t compare to seeing pictures and samples in person. You want to visualize how a specific window would look on your home’s exterior and interior. Representatives bring detailed brochures with photos as well as glass samples. The product options you choose for your replacement windows play a significant role in pricing.

Window Installation Details

Installation is the most crucial part of your window replacement. You could have the best window unit on the market, but it won’t last if it’s not installed correctly. Some of the installation details we review during estimate appointments are:

There are more details to consider regarding installation, but these are the most important to mention.

In conclusion, the number of windows, measurements, product options and installation details are just a few of the variables that need to be considered when factoring installation into pricing. Considering these during an in-home estimate appointment is critical for providing an accurate quote for your window replacement project.