What You Should Look for When Buying Replacement Windows for your Home

One of the most commonly searched questions from homeowners in London is: “What should I look for when buying new windows?” We aren’t surprised by this. With 20+ years in the business, we understand why it can be challenging.

Replacing windows can be the most significant purchase decision you’ll ever make for your home. Unfortunately, most people aren’t exactly sure what should be considered when going through this process. There are a LOT of options for choosing a company to work with and even more options for the specific products available to you. We aim to provide some guidance with this blog to save yourself some stress and make a more educated buying decision.

The Product

First, let’s talk about the product. Some of the most important things to look at when deciding which windows to purchase are the variety of window types and the options you have for energy efficiency.

The Variety of Window Types

Any reputable company offering replacement windows will be able to detail their product options and explain the positives and negatives of each window type. If you have a company out to provide a quote and they spend very little time explaining your options, that’s a bad sign. Furthermore, it’s an even larger red flag if they only have a couple of options and try to push you towards getting a particular type of window for all of your home’s openings. In terms of energy efficiency and homeowner maintenance, there can be a big difference between window types. 

For example, fixed picture windows are virtually maintenance-free as they have no mechanical and operational parts that could deteriorate over time. They’re also the most energy-efficient window type because of this. On the contrary, double-hung windows typically cost more upfront but open up to allow fresh air into your home. They require more maintenance because of their operational parts and generally are less energy-efficient than fixed picture windows.

Energy Efficiency Options

It’s becoming more critical for people to make their homes more energy-efficient. Having an energy-efficient home reduces your environmental impact and the financial impact of your utility bills each month. New windows with a high energy rating can also be a vital selling feature for your home if you’re considering moving at some point. 

Like the topic above, a reputable window replacement company should have a variety of product options in terms of energy efficiency and be willing to review them with you. Some things you will want to consider are the cost vs. benefit between double glazing and triple glazing glass, Low-E coating on glass, and whether you’d like double or triple-pane windows. Each of these options can have an enormous impact on price as well as the efficiency of your home’s new windows. 

The Company

It’s essential to look closely at product options, but selecting the right company to work with is even more critical in our opinion. Many companies offer window replacement, but what should you look for when choosing one for your home?

Reliable and Comprehensive Warranty

A common issue in the industry is companies offering exceptional warranties but not being able to adhere to them when they go out of business. It would be best if you were wary of companies with the lowest prices but still promise an incredible warranty. In most cases, that company has likely only been in business for a few years. These companies usually go out of business from an overwhelming amount of warranty service calls or damaging their reputation through neglecting their warranty promises. If you have a problem with a replacement window after several years, you want to be able to reach the company you worked with and have it addressed.

Age of the Company

As mentioned above, a company’s age can be a telltale sign of how reliable they are. Some “companies” are just independent contractors that don’t have a longstanding reputation but offer the lowest price. Very few companies can say they’ve been in business for 20+ years and still provide a great warranty. Another factor to consider is how long the employees and subcontractors have worked with the company. When you have a company out to give a quote, ask the representative how long the company has been in business and how long they’ve been apart of it. 

Reviews and Testimonials

You should always do your research online before deciding which companies you’ll have in your home to provide a quote. Online reviews and testimonials are an effective way to weed out companies you can’t depend on or don’t align with your needs. It’s tough for companies to fabricate reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google. If you’d like to take it a step further, you can contact previous customers and inquire about their experiences for more details.

Low or No Pressure Sales 

We’ve saved the best point for last. If a company’s representative is pushing you to make a buying decision during the first appointment with them, you should be concerned. Companies like this don’t put the customer’s needs first, as they’re more focused on increasing sales. Replacing windows in your home is a significant investment, and you want to work with someone with your best interests in mind. You’ll be able to tell very quickly when a representative is only interested in closing a sale because you’ll feel uncomfortable, and they’ll be throwing out arbitrary discounts left and right. A company that cares will take its time reviewing product options with you, asking questions about your needs as a homeowner, and leave one final price with you at the end of the first appointment.


There is a wide variety of factors for you to consider when buying replacement windows for your home. We’ve reviewed the factors that the community has mentioned the most. From our experience, there are very few companies in Ontario that can meet the expectations we’ve discussed here while still fitting into your budget. 

We wish you the best of luck with your window replacement project and hope that you consider us as the company to work with.

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